PESX: Putative Exonic Splicing Enhancers/Silencers

-- Find PESEs and PESSs in your sequence using a downloadable Excel spreadsheet (below)

Raw data can be found at the following links:  PESEs PESSs Z-scores of all octamers, PESX statistic

Generate your own PESX profile:

An Excel spreadsheet (7 MB) that automatically displays a profile of PESX scores for all 8-mers along a sequence, as well as the locations of RESCUE-ESE and fasHEX3 ESS motifs, can be downloaded here.  A screenshot is here

Please cite "Zhang and Chasin, 2004, Genes and Development 18(11):1241-1250" and "Zhang et al., 2005, Molecular and Cellular Biology 25(16):7323-7332", if you find this page useful.

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